Water Softener Models

We are proud to offer the following water softener models to suit your needs.

Not sure which model is best for you? No problem. Just contact us for a free water test. The results of your water test will help us to choose the best model for you!

Culligan Medallist Series Softeners

Culligan Medallist Series Softeners

Our Medallist Series® softeners conveniently integrate with your plumbing to give you whole-home water softening.

Our Medallist Softeners will provide you with an affordable solution for better water. The result? Better water for your appliances, pipes, skin, hair, laundry, and more.

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Culligan HE (High-Efficiency) Softener

Culligan HE (High-Efficiency) Softener

Our High-Efficiency Softener will soften your water while saving you money by reducing your salt, water, and electricity bills.

This model is full of helpful features (such as our Aqua-Sensor technology, that will automatically adjust to your home’s water), which will help make your water treatment experience the best it can be.

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Culligan HE Twin Softener

Our HE Twin Softener is designed for the big jobs: large homes, houses with a high amount of hardness, or small businesses who want the benefits of soft water.

Trust the Twin HE for a softener that’s tough enough to handle the BIG jobs.

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